Token2 TOTPRadius 0.2.3 has been released

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Token2 TOTPRadius is a standards based RADIUS server designed for two-factor authentication.
What is new in 0.2.3:
[0.2.3] Configuration import possibility 
[0.2.3] Multi-domain configuration (for Netscaler integrations with more than one AD forest) 
[0.2.3] Possibility to create usernames in UPN format ([email protected]
[0.2.3] Local passwords authentication support 
[0.2.3] LDAPS authentication support 
Features that first appeared in the previous versions:
[0.2.2] Custom modules feature 
[0.2.2] High availability in Master/Slave mode 
[0.2.2] Strict SSL verification (CA import tool) 
[0.2.1] LDAP authentication and enrolment support

We would also like to remind that TOTPRadius integrates with a number of products, such as Meraki, Citrix Netscaler, MS ADFS, and others.

More information available here:

Kindly let us know if you would like to participate in testing the solution. We would be happy to provide free user licenses for your PoC projects.

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