TOKEN2 Paper TOTP Token Generator 🠔

A tool to generate a list of future OTP for a given seed in printable format, can be used as a paper version of TOTP tokens.

Not to be used in production!
Kindly note that this tool is created for research/test purposes only and is not recommended to be used as a real authentication method.


Seed format     HEX Base32

Step increment* - step increment is calculated by 30 seconds, i.e. step of 2 is 1 minute (2*30sec).

Number     - number of future OTPs to be generated in the printable list.

Working hours     exclude weekends and evenings
include weekends and evenings

Time Zone:

please note that the working hours and weekends are based on the selected timezone and are from Monday to Friday, and from 08:00 to 17:59