About Token2

Token2 is an IT security company based in Versoix, Switzerland, providing various security solutions, such as hardware tokens, a mobile application , TOTPRadius server and Token2 Cloud API, a hosted two factor authentication service designed to protect primarily Web based applications (e.g. member area of a CMS based website). An on-premises version of this service is also offered via TOTPRadius Web API.

The second factors Token2 offers are SMS, Mobile application or hardware tokens.

What is Two Factor authentication?

Two Factor authentication (abbreviated as 2FA) adds an extra layer of security to accounts, minimizing or almost eliminating the risk of having the personal information of an account stolen. To break into an account with 2FA, attackers would not only have to know the username and password, they'd also have to have physical access to user’s smart phone.

What is Token2 API providing?

Token2 API is focusing on providing two factor authentication as a service, primarily for websites and other web based applications.
The main advantages of using Token2’s cloud two-factor authentication are:
It is simple
Both our Cloud API and TOTPRadius Web API allow implementing 2FA on any website or application easily, it is a matter of adding a couple of lines into the existing authentication functions. For popular CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal, it is even easier: we have developed plugins for these systems, so installing a plugin the only step to enable 2FA on a website.
It is secure
Users’ second factor security data (such as secret keys and pin codes) are stored on our secure cloud based servers and is completely isolated from the primary security data and application itself.
The Token2 OTP mobile application used to generate one-time passwords (OTP) uses a unique algorithm to generate OTPs, which makes it impossible to find the source secret key, even if a big number of OTPs have been stolen. Also, different from other similar systems (such as Google Authenticator) Token2 OTP provides an additional security layer, by protecting OTP generation by a PIN code. The same algorithm is used for SMS based method.
It is universal
Token2 can authenticate users using a mobile application as well as SMS messages sent to their mobile phones. It is up to the website owners to decide which method to use. Hardware tokens can also be configured to be used with Token2 accounts.
It is cost effective
Token2 provides the cloud solution for free, site owners will only need to cover charges incurring from sending SMS messages to the users.SMS credits are in pay as you go model, and do not expire. Moreover, each website registered will be given free 20 SMS credits.
For those preferring self-hosted solutions, TOTPRadius appliance comes with 5 users license.