Token2 OTP Mobile Application

Token2's service is provided completely free when using our mobile application for one-time password (OTP) generation: Token2 Mobile OTP.

Token2 Mobile OTP can also be used with any other service providing TOTP or MOTP based two-factor authentication (e.g. Google or Dropbox)


Instruct your users to install Token2 Mobile OTP. The application is available for iOS,Android and Windows Phone devices.

Adding a profile

During Token2 enrolment, users are instructed to scan a QR code ( or enter the secret key manually: for such rare cases, where the device has no camera available)

Generating OTPs

When prompted to enter a Token2 OTP, users type in their PIN code. Token2 Mobile OTP generates a one-time password, which is valid for a about 60 seconds - the expiration time will be shown on the screen.


By default, the application is set to clear both PIN entered and OTP generated every 100 seconds. These and others settings can be easily changed on Settings page.

Token2 Mobile OTP : your universal two factor authenticator

This application generates OTP using Token2's proprietary algorithm, but is not limited to it only, additionally, it supports TOTP and MOTP as well, so you can use the same application for other sites requiring two-factor authentication; e.g. wherever you see a requirement to use Google authenticator, feel free to use our app as it is even more secure due to additional layer of protection with a PIN code .

Token2 Mobile OTP | One Time Password generator for two factor authentication

  • Supports proprietary Token2 algorithm
  • Supports TOTP as per RFC 6238
  • Supports additional PIN code protection for standard TOTP profiles
  • Supports Classic MOTP (with client side secret generation)
  • Supports MOTP with QR based enrolment