Purchase TOTPRadius client access licenses
Email address: Host ID Number of licenses

  • You will see the total cost before finalizing the payment.
  • Host ID should be entered in colon separated 6-byte format, i.e.: 00:50:56:a7:38:59
  • Make sure you provide a valid email address, the license will be sent to that address. This address will also be used as your client identificator
  • Important! License codes are not cumulative. Please contact us if you want to increase the number of users of an existing license code.
The curent pricing for TOTPRadius user access licenses (price per license):
0-99 users: 3 EUR 
100-199 users: 2.8 EUR
200-499 users: 2.6 EUR
500-999 users: 2.4 EUR
> 1000 users: 2.2 EUR 

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License type
TOTPRadius user licenses are per-user and perpetual. Perpetual licenses do not expire, so you can continue to use the appliance as long as you want. Currently, these licenses are including access to product updates within the same version branch and regular technical support.
Host ID
Host ID can be found on the settings page of your TOTPRadius appliance: Admin Options > License > Obtaining licenses