Shared secret keys request

Please note that you can set the seeds of programmable tokens (miniOTP-1, miniOTP-2 and OTPC-P1) and generate CSV files yourself. Read the instructions here
Fill the form below to request secret keys for the tokens you have purchased from us. Please note that this is a manual process and will need to be reviewed by our team. Keys requested in standard formats (Hex, Base32 or CSV for Azure MFA) are normally sent within one business day (CET timezone).

Order ID verification

  • the order id is shown on your invoice or packing slip
  • the email should match the one you provided when placing the order
Order ID Email

Serial number verification

  • Please provide serial numbers of the token(s)
  • One serial number per line, no spaces or additional text
  • Use the tools provided to submit serial number ranges or barcode photos

enter range   barcodes


  • Please paste your public GPG/PGP key into the textarea below
  • Make sure block syntax is similar to this example
  • Leave this field empty if you prefer the keys to be sent unencrypted (not recommended)
  Transferring secret keys in plain text format by email may lead to a compromise of your token seeds which could potentially result in MFA bypass.

Secret key format

  • Select the format you want your keys to be delivered in

Comments and additional instructions (if any)

We recommend using PGP or GPG encryption to transfer secret keys for your tokens. PGP and GPG are popular solutions for encrypting, decrypting, signing, and verifying messages and files, often found in email communications and package repository identity verification. If you are new to PGP we recommend to have a look at the PGPTool
we can send the keys in plain text if you insist, but we do not recommend this for obvious reasons

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