Token2 Programmable TOTP Token for Eurofins ; card format with Symantec VIP Provisioning

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Token2 will have the flexibility to propose different colors (red or white) and different sizes (mini cards or credit card size) depending on stock availability

路         Symantec VIP Credentials pre-generated by Token2 using Python API (VIP access library)

路         Tokens to be labeled with Credential IDs (text + QR codes) using paper stickers on the PVC Sleeve

路         Seeds to be provisioned for each token for the corresponding IDs using NFC burning

Please check product and platform compatibility before placing an order
The price displayed on this page includes the cost of the hardware, license fees as well as support during the warranty period of each hardware token. Detailed repartition of costs will be shown on the final invoice.
1xOTPC-EUROFINS Out of Stock

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