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TOTPRadius user license

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It is highly recommended trying TOTPRadius before purchasing the licenses. The appliance comes with 5 free licenses

About TOTPRadius

TOKEN2 TOTPRadius provides the RADIUS RFC-2865 for TOTP RFC-6238 based authentication. With TOTPRadius you can integrate a large variety of third-party products and systems with multi-factor authentication. It works with numerous products and services like Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMWare View, and many others provide support for RADIUS servers to validate the second factor for user authentication.  


TOTPRadius user licenses are per-user and perpetual. Perpetual licenses do not expire, so you can continue to use the appliance as long as you want. Currently, these licenses are including access to product updates within the same version branch and regular technical support.


How to generate the license key

After completing the purchase you will receive an email containing the order URL. To generate the TOTPRadius user licenses, click on the "generate CAL" button on the order page and provide the Host ID. The license key will be generated and sent to your email address.


Please check product and platform compatibility before placing an order

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may slightly vary due to product enhancement or other reasons.
The price displayed on this page includes the cost of the hardware, license fees as well as support during the warranty period of each hardware token. Detailed repartition of costs will be shown on the final invoice.
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    Volume Orders
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