How to attach a token to a keyring

product updates


Although Token2 tokens in dongle/keyfob form factor do have a hole to attach to a keyring, it is not possible to attach a keyring directly to the token and this is by design and on purpose.

Our previous models (i.e. C200 or C101, both discontinued now) had a design that allowed attaching to a keyring directly, but this frequently led to the plastic casing of the tokens to get broken.

Broken keyring hole (C200 model)

For the current models, attaching to a keyring is possible using an additional accessory (supplied with every token for free) that addresses the problem described. This minimizes the potential damage of carrying the token on a keychain significantly.

Rope loop attaching a token to a keyring

Available in black color only, this hardy loop accessory is the perfect way to keep your token close at hand and makes it easy to attach to almost anything: belt loops, keyrings, straps, and more! The rope loop consists of 2 parts that attach via a tiny metallic threaded junction. One part get easily attached to the token via the little hole on the right, and similarly, the second part attaches to a keyring (or any other object listed above)

Rope loop

This accessory is included for free with any C202, C301, and C302 tokens.

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