Token2 TOTP tokens - product line expansion

product updates


Based on customers' feedback we found that there was more demand for different types of TOTP tokens. We are currently arranging expanding our product line with 3 more token types which are hereby announced. This will include 2 classic tokens, and an OTP Display card (nonprogrammable, credit card format). More details (including prices and exact specs) to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

The pricing has not yet been finalized, but we can already disclose technical specifications.

C101 - Classic TOTP token

A cheaper version of C200, not waterproof, and with a smaller screen

TK201 - Classic TOTP token

A bit thinner than C200 (18mm versus 20mm). All other characteristics are the same

OTPC-N1 - OTP Display card

A "card" version of the classic TOTP token. Nonprogrammable, standard credit card size.

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