Token2 Migration Toolset - from Google Authenticator to hardware tokens

The recent versions of Google Authenticator app allows exporting the stored TOTP Profiles. This tool helps to use the exported data (generated as a QR code) to transfer the profiles to Token2 hardware tokens or other TOTP apps.
Here are the steps:

  • Generate the export QR image on your Google Authenticator using its "Export" feature
  • Upload the screenshot of the transfer QR image to this tool (upload button below)
  • Select the final format (HTML for NFC Burners or Txt for Molto2 import) and click Send
  • Use the generated files or QR codes to provision the hardware tokens using one of the provisioning tools
This is an online version of Token2 Migration Toolset, a collection of tools and scripts allowing to migrate TOTP profiles from Google Authenticator application. The toolset is available also as an open source python script as well as portable desktop application, with command line and GUI version.

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About this toolset
In this project, we publish tools and scripts allowing you to transfer the accounts from Google Authenticator to a hardware token. You can use this both for backing up your TOTP profiles and transferring them completely to a hardware token. This is the online version of the toolset; there are also other versions available, such as a python script, or a standalone portable desktop app in GUI or command line mode.