This page is about Token2 API pricing. Prices for hardware tokens are listed here; TOTPRadius user licenses prices are shown on this page

Token2 Cloud API pricing

Token2 provides its hosted two factor authentication for free. You only need to cover charges incurred from sending SMS messages to your clients.
Each new site will have a balance of 20 SMS credits for free. SMS credits can be purchased at any time and unspent credits do not expire. SMS messages currently cost one credit each to all countries and operators.
You can also control whether to allow or not using SMS authentication method. If you decide so, you can disable SMS method completely.
SMS credits are also required to reset/recover a corrupted Mobile Application profile (might be required if the phone was lost/stolen/damaged or if the application was reinstalled). Site owners may also disable this functionality in the control panel.

Token2 SMS Credit packages

SMS Credits Package price, EUR
100 9
300 28
1000 93
2500 245

Token2 Cloud API is currently is beta mode and prices are currently under review. Please contact us for more information.