NFC Reader/Writer device for Token2 NFC Burner for Windows

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NFC Reader/Writer device to be used with Token2 NFC Burner for Windows application. The device is not exclusively for Token2 tokens, this is a regular NFC Reader/Writer supporting ISO/IEC 14443 (A and B) standard

Color: Black (Token2 NFC Writer)

Size:98 x 65 x 11mm

Weight: 142g

Interface: USB Full Speed

Operating Distance: <= 20mm (depends on token  type)

Supply Voltage: Regulated 5V DC

Supply Current: 200mA (operating); 50mA (standby); 100mA (normal)

Operating Temperature: 0-50Ā°C

Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz

 Only for Token2 Second generation programmable tokens (does not work with miniOTP-1)

ISO/IEC 14443 (A and B) standard
Mifare S50/S70/Ultralight C cards
Card clock Frequency: 13.56MHz
106kbps, 212kbps, 424kbps, 848kbps
Speed 0.3 second for read/write MifareĀ© card

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