fido2-manage: Managing FIDO2.1 Devices on Linux

Welcome to fido2-manage, your go-to tool for managing FIDO2.1 devices over USB or NFC on Linux systems. Whether you're handling Passkey (resident keys) management or basic key information retrieval, fido2-manage has got you covered. The tool uses a modified version libfido2 executable (with the source-code available as well) to allow for more intuitive interaction, including human-readable device names and also simplifies the process by allowing PIN entry directly as a command-line argument. It also provides a GUI written in Python/tkinter.

Key Features

  • FIDO2.1 Device Management: Effortlessly manage your FIDO2.1 devices, including Passkey (resident keys) management, directly from your Linux system.
  • Platform Compatibility: fido2-manage is designed to work seamlessly on any Linux distribution. While it should function on various distributions, it is primarily developed and tested on Ubuntu.
  • Cross-Brand Compatibility: Enjoy the flexibility of using FIDO2.1 (PRE or FINAL) keys from any brand, not only Token2. Whether it's Yubico, SoloKeys, or any other manufacturer, fido2-manage supports them all.
  • Enhanced Functionality: With FIDO2.0 keys, while basic information can still be retrieved, passkey management is not supported. However, for FIDO2.1 keys, fido2-manage offers comprehensive management capabilities.

Important Note

fido2-manage is currently in the early beta stage. While it provides essential functionality for managing FIDO2.1 keys under Linux, it is important to note that it is far from being a finished product. However, despite being in beta, it works well enough to fulfill the minimum set of tools required for FIDO2.1 key management on the Linux platform.

Get Started

Ready to take control of your FIDO2.1 devices on Linux? The source code and installation instructions are available on GitHub:


Disclaimer: Use fido2-manage at your own discretion. While every effort has been made to ensure its functionality and reliability, it is still in the development phase and may have limitations or bugs.